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What area do you service?

We offer service for the Rossmoor, CA Neighborhood and Leisure World in Seal Beach.

How much does it cost?

It's absolutely free - we're trying to take away any obstacles to help keep our planet safe + clean for generations to come.

What types of recycling do you accept?

Aluminum Cans
Glass Bottles
#1 PET (includes plastic drink containers such as water, soda or juice)

How do I know what type of plastic I have?

On most plastic jars, containers and other packaging of products you buy, you'll find what's generally accepted as the recycling logo with a number in the middle and sometimes letters underneath stamped into the plastic. Except for special occasions, we only accept plastic with a #1 stamped on it.

When do you pick it up?

We will be picking up recycling every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month - please have your recycling set out by 8 am.

Do I need to separate the recyclables by type?

No, we'll do that for you - again we're just trying to make it easy! If you have a reusable bin, you can put the recyclables in there and then leave it by the curb at your house. We'll empty it into our own bins and put yours back. If you don't have bins, you can use any waterproof container. There are also biodegradable bags available online.

*Please empty recyclables of any food or liquid prior to pick up

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